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At Christian Fellowship Home, all residents are required to attend 12-step recovery groups. Residents also must practice personal responsibility by following house rules, resolving their personal legal issues, and contributing toward the cost of their stay.

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The Basics

Beyond basic life necessities, 3 meals a day, and shelter, we also offer our residents basic transportation, in-house volunteer opportunities, and peer community support. All residents must remain 100% abstinent from prohibited substances during their stay with us; we perform ongoing drug and alcohol testing to ensure this requirement is continuously met. Since we encourage our residents to resolve their personal legal issues, we offer our assistance. We also provide referrals to critical support services for employment, counseling services, medical services, food and nutrition services, and disability determination services.


Most importantly, we are providing residents with a supportive home. During their recovery process, support and encouragement are just as important as the basic needs of life. Having a home provides residents with the stability they need to beat their chemical dependency issues and live productive and happy lives. Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from living at our men’s home. Our safe, supportive environment can make a difference in a man’s recovery process. We provide all residents with the following:

  • Subsidized room and board
  • Basic transportation
  • Employment and volunteer opportunities
  • Professional mental counseling
  • Ongoing drug and alcohol testing

We can offer a man who wants to stay clean and sober a new life.

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